Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Desert Island Comics in Brooklyn & Ken Dahl

So this is Desert Island, a comic store in my old neighborhood in Williamsburg. Love it. Gabe, the guy who runs it, suggested a lot of neat stuff for me based on stuff I told him I liked. The store itself is really nicely put together, with a lot of love for the books and stuff he keeps in stock. A lot of stuff you'd expect to find, along with extremely eclectic small-run stuff you'll probably never see again. The store smells good. It's less than two years old, I think. It wasn't there when I lived in Brooklyn, but it seems to be doing okay, even in this, you know, economy. A definite must-visit while in the area.

Got an email from them today, announcing that Ken Dahl will be there tomorrow signing copies of his graphic novel! Sadly, I won't be able to make it. Here is a review of his book, from the press release!
"Ken Dahl's Monsters is probably the most entertaining educational comic ever. Already a worthwhile read for its lessons on STDs and relationships,
Dahl's excellent cartooning and humor make this book required reading for
anyone who has had sex, is going to have sex or wants to have sex."
--Jeffrey Brown, author of Clumsy

I could have sworn I had posted something about Desert Island before, but I totally can't find it. We have posted something about former classmate Ken Dahl before, here.


bekah said...

Is that his real name?
Maybe I will try to go tomorrow even if Williamsburg is hard to get home from.

Galspanic said...

Ken Dahl isn't his real name. I dunno why he felt the need to use a pen name but whatevs. I dunno if he'd freak out or not if you addressed him by his real name.

Galspanic said...

Didn't I ever tell you about him? He was that dude that lived with me and John in Chicago for a while.

Mr. Pony said...

Pen names are lame!!