Friday, January 1, 2010

Underdog script

Happy New Year 2010 from Underdog!
Happy New Year, everyone. This year my mom has gotten to know Chet Stover, one of the creators of Underdog. God I love Underdog! He sent me his original hand-typed script for episode #21: Shrinking Water(Part II)*. Wow!

He said he wouldn't mind if I posted it, so here you go:

Underdog Episode 21 script, Page 1Underdog Episode 21 script, Page 2

Underdog Episode 21 script, Page 3Underdog Episode 21 script, Page 3

*I'm not 100% sure if Shrinking Water (Part II) is the most important story, Mr. Pony.

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Mr. Pony said...

OH MY GOD why does Underdog speak in rhyming couplets?!?