Tuesday, January 12, 2010

new video music...interesting

as quoted from my friend Jase: "The song sucks...But when have you ever seen so many ghillie suits in a music video?!"


It's kinda like special forces meets marching band.


Fugu said...

Heeero, the link does not work.

May I please direct you to here, which succinctly explains how to embed youtube videos. Evidently, the in-person demo I graciously extended to you was completely ignored. As this was only about 48 hours ago and accompanied by many an "Ooh", "Ah", and "I see!" on your part, I almost feel like you're maliciously ignoring the recommendation on purpose.


But, thanks for adding your labels. ^_^

Heeero said...

And this is why I did not use the embed feature:

Embedding disabled by request

try this:

Heeero said...

and by try this I mean: cut and paste

it's just a few extra mouse clicks and keystrokes you lazy ass.

Fugu said...


Heeero said...

You know it, baby!

Mr. Pony said...

Oh, so this is how one makes a clickable link!

Litcube said...

The video, by the way, is rad. The info claims the video was shot "live". As the audio is studio recorded (despite what some of the comments are saying), I don't know what they mean by "live". As opposed to what? Dead? Pretend?

Fugu said...

I think I remember this from an Oingo Boingo double CD set—it was a "live" album, which I think meant that they were all playing together in a studio at the same time, rather than one instrument at a time to be later mixed together? Something like that?

Galspanic said...

My limited understanding of how the music industry works agrees with fugu's hypothesis.