Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ram-Goat Soup

Ram Goat Soup Packet, frontRam Goat Soup Packet, back

I really like the package design of this soup I just bought at my local newsagent's in South London.

Soup at its best! Real Mannish Water! It dominates any soup!


Fugu said...

Wow. That's some great design. The wikipedia link was frightening.

So how's it taste!

Ruby Tenneco said...

I've been afraid to try it, in case I'm too potent already.

FAKA! said...

Mmmmm... just like mom use to make ;)

I'd think they would also make for great Xmas presents.

sokeripupu said...

i want to live on spicy hill.

the only interesting soup package i have seen lately is vegetarian flavor ramen with a swastika on it (to denote that the soup is suitable for buddhists, natch!).

Mr. Pony said...

The design reminds me of rave mix CDs from the early '90s. Like, it uses all 4 tricks from Illustrator 1.0.

Ruby Tenneco said...

I don't remember you being able to use the Satanic Goat filter in 1.0