Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lucky you live Hawaii

It's been great being home and meeting some of you. Mostly, I've been just driving around the island (meaning circumnavigating the island - H1 west to H2 through north shore to Kaneohe then through Waimanalo back around Makapuu to Kahala and back to Nuuanu/Alewa) in my rented convertible, getting sun, and enjoying the scenery.

I never took the time to just go out to the "country" while I was growing up here and now that I live in the land of snow and blizzards I realize what I was missing. Sometimes you guys don't know how good you have it.

Paddleboarders off Mokolii "little lizard" Island - also known by the un-PC "Chinaman's Hat" during my yoot - shot off of Kuuloa Beach Park.

A sea turtle in the surf off of the north shore at a beach my brother dubbed "Mangled Spines" to throw off the cowardly - just east of Haleiwa.

A different sea turtle (honu) sunning itself on the beach.

Video of the honu and the surf.

View of the sea spray and beach to the west.

Sucks to have to go back to Minnesota.


Mr. Pony said...

I've been showing some out-of-town guests the sights, and it's great seeing the island through fresh eyes. Very easy to forget, especially when you live here.

Nice shots. Great luck finding the turtle. How did you prepare it?

AI-BU9 said...

Technically they're protected and you are supposed to keep your distance - 20 feet? 50 feet? - or something. But, we were respectful and let them be, although I probably violated the distance rule in getting those shots.

I suspect they'd be a little tough and chewy which is why traditionally turtle recipes have been for soups or braises. I think a ginger-garlic hot oil technique or black bean stirfry might be good - kind of like a geoduck clam. Just saying...

FAKA! said...

Was good meeting you as well! Minnesota isn't so bad... I dated a girl that later moved there and I went up to visit for Christmas of 94. I remember she took me to Mall of America straight from the airport... I was getting lots of stares wearing shorts around the mall and getting the "what kind of Indian is that look"... I remember ordering an iced coffee at a coffee shop there and having the register lady give me the strangest look and ask me “why would anybody ever want ice in their coffee”... this was back before Starbucks world domination...

If I lived there I think I'd have to get a snow mobile...though I recall when I was there something about a record high of drunk people snowmobiling and getting beheaded by wire fences or something like that... =/ Plus nothing is more exciting and adrenaline filled that trying to stop at a stop sign/light and sliding an additional 5-10 ft.... good times ;)

--> Doh!

Galspanic said...

I can't get enough of that link, Faka.

You know when I was last in Colorado some 16 months ago I introduced the girls who worked in the Starbucks at the Target to the concept of iced soy lattes. Seriously. Wasn't even on the radar.
Here's where it gets weird. The official mascot for Halloween at Target in Aurora Colorado (and probably various other places) that year was none other than this guy. And yet they had never heard of iced soy lattes.
AI-BU, I know this won't make you any happier, but i totally miss ice and snow. Mrs. 'Panic isn't so into that concept though.