Wednesday, October 14, 2009

where was this when i was a kid?

it's even got bowel loops on the lining!

found it and others on the huffington post in a slideshow of wierd halloween costumes for children.

the look on this kid's face as the alien bursts out of the costume is priceless.


Mr. Pony said...

The lightsaber zipper pull!

Galspanic said...

I hate to be the one to break it to you dudes, but the sleeping bag is a hoax. It was a cute joke devised by someone and it took off. the upswing is that the designer may have been convinced to make these a reality, but i don't know for sure.

Mr. Pony said...

Sure, everyone knows about this hoax. Except the people with different Internets. Apparently it's going to be available from ThinkGeek for $99.99, sometime in November. Unless this is part of a more elaborate, slightly stupid hoax.

Galspanic said...

Yeah, it was an April fool's day thing.

Wait a minute, it's OCTOBER?!?!

Mr. Pony said...

Like I said, more elaborate, slightly stupid.