Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bear muscles

Hey, my friend just gave me yet another animal toy whose guts you can see!

She did this without knowledge of these: [1] [2].

Can any Chinese speakers translate? [UPDATE: Oh, it's Japanese! Odori?]


Litcube said...

I had a Chinese speaker try to translate these Japanese words to the best of her ability. As she reads Chinese and not Japanese, the traslation was very difficult for her, though some Chinese and Japanese letters are similar.

The top letters indicate something having to do with a "local disection certification/training/etc."

Right underneath the front paws, General director: Name, Model Maker: Name.

The big writing at the bottom is a place in Japan, some hot tourist destination.

sokeripupu said...

probly hokkaido, famous home of bears!

Mr. Pony said...

I think the large characters behind the bear say "higuma" in the alphabet the Japanese use for foreign words. I can't be sure, because it's partially covered, and I have no idea what word the syllables "higuma" could be standing in for.

(The fact that the Japanese have a separate alphabet for foreign words is probably the most awesomely xenophobic thing I can think of.)

Where's Odori? She can save the day!

Ruby Tenneco said...

Oh, it's Japanese! I was completely unsure on that. Weirdly I know what Higuma is-- it's a bear that lives in Hokkaido. Beeduul gave me a mug showing one when he used to work there. It says "Higuma is the most fierce wild animal in Hokkaido." Apparently everyone there is really scared of them, though no one's ever seen one, and people wear bells when they're hiking to scare them away.

The mug is one of most treasured possessions, covered in weird Japanglish such as

"WARNING! Mother Nature is always dangerous and merciless for human being. But it's just a harmony for the nature itself. Cut it out if it's bad for nature. We should do something good for next generation."

odori said...

Hi guys, sorry for the late entry!!

Yes, this is a higuma bear!

It's a bear anatomy model, sold only in Hokkaido. Apparently the company that makes this sells different animal anatomy models in various parts of the country.

The packaging reads: "Local anatomy series. Local Anatomy Model No. 3. Higuma. Only in Hokkaido." And it list the names of the creators.

I just found a link to other varieties offered by the same company. Check it out.


There's cow, tuna, pigs, and monkeys. Some appear to be just jokes, like a fictional creature called a kappa, and a foo dog stone figure from Okinawa. The company calls these mascots or symbols of the regions they're from. (The stone dog apparently has Okinawan beer in its front left leg. The print is too small and blurry on this for me to figure out what this is supposed to mean. Perhaps that Okinawan dogs like beer?)