Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tarantino explains what "Top Gun" was really about

Sorry if you all have seen this before. I suspect this clip has already made quite a few rounds online - but I just found it yesterday while researching a "Top Gun" scene. (Lest you think I've suddenly morphed into a cheesy Hollywood film specialist, allow me to explain: A real-life fighter pilot who has a cameo in this move is about to become the top U.S. commander in the Pacific. I'm writing about him.) Anyhow, enjoy:

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Lungclops said...

while there's no denying the gayness of top gun, mr. tarrantino makes one crucial error in his analysis. the last lines maverick and ice man say to each other are:

ice man: you're still dangerous, but you can be my wingman any day.

maverick: bullshit, you be mine.

for even better unintentional gayness, see point break, a tale of forbidden love between an fbi agent (keanu reaves) and his quarry, a mystical but ruthless bank robber (patrick swayze).