Friday, October 23, 2009

Ala Moana Tower

I've been spoiled this past month working on the 18th floor of the Ala Moana building. Two floors higher and I could have been in the old revolving restaurant, but I can't complain—it was hard enough trying to get work done with a view of the marina during two tsunami warnings! Ah well, thirds the charm.

From the right (with constant daydreaming of a 2012-like apocalypse, and from what I've learned from WoW, I'm pretty sure I can get on roof of the shopping center):

From the left:

I did not know this: the La Ronde was the first revolving restaurant in the world!

Addendum: I couldn't help myself—Panic originally posted this in a comment somewhere I think, but it deserves the front page:


Mr. Pony said...

This is a good post. Nice time-lapse and bonus history lesson.

Mr. Pony said...

Both times I ate at La Ronde, I remember my whole upper body bouncing forward and backward as I ate. Not so smooth, those wheels. Also, I wanted to barf.

Fugu said...

Also potentially interesting: That same view if it were the Burj Dubai.