Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cool Halloween costume, Part 2

Another very cool Halloween costume -- an homage to the best Star Wars figure of all time.

That was the problem playing with Star Wars figures with other kids when there was only one Boba Fett-- inevitable bickering about who got to play with BF. I mean, compared to IG-88 or Greedo, it was a no-brainer who was the favorite. The rocket pack, the cool gun, the badass face visor. Hell yeah!


Lungclops said...

am i the only one here who always found "playing" with action figures pointless and boring? thought so.

Mr. Pony said...

I do remember the moment when I couldn't do it anymore. I think I said to myself, "Just what am I doing, here?" and a very large part of my life receded back into the dark. It was like waking from a dream.

So horrible.

Lungclops said...

it's better to have loved action figures and lost than etc.

Litcube said...

"I do remember the moment when I couldn't do it anymore."

I can so relate to this. I remember the very moment. I was playing with Ninja Turles, and had made a lego labryth/gauntlet for them, and I remember thinking, wtf. After that moment, I continued to play, hoping I'd regain some sort of spark with my imagination, but no dice.

Galspanic said...

I keep trying and trying to go back. I only hope my dudes can rekindle the spark. I'm not holding my breath, just hoping.

Mr. Pony said...

Weird, I wonder if this is a common thing. One moment, you see though a toy's eyes; share a complete nervous system with it, and the next, your big meaty hands are bouncing pieces of plastic up and down, and then you're a man. The end.

AI-BU9 said...

@Pony - I'm not sure what you're getting at with "bouncing pieces of plastic up and down" with "your big meaty hands". Anyhoooooo.

I think you missed 2 steps in your progression.

Where's the blowing them up with firecrackers / melting them with magnifying glasses / shooting them with BB guns in the backyard step?

GI Joes imploded nicely when hit due to their internal rubber band. Masters of the Universe were remarkably resistant to BBs.

Where's the regretting you opened them up in the first place because if they were still MIB you'd be freaking rich bitches step?

Sure it would have been an aseptic clinical childhood, (no no, use your imagination, just pretend you're playing with it - don't take it out of the box) but that's why if I ever become a dad, we're buying 2 of everything and hermetically sealing 1. And who's to say it wasn't an aseptic clinical childhood anyway.