Sunday, October 25, 2009

and now for some J-metal.

Okay, I'm sure not everyone here is into J-metal or Anime, but I think you will still get a laugh.
Death Note is a dark anime about a kid who finds a special notebook. Basically, you write someone's name in it, and they die. Maximum the Hormone did one of the opening songs for the series. Video is ok. But then someone came around and misheard the lyrics. And thus, we get this...

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Lungclops said...

funny, i just happened to watch the live action version of death note last night. i'd never heard of it before, but based on the netflix synopsis it seemed interesting. it was a surprisingly cheap production, with the cg god of death looking about as real as jessica rabbit. everyone's wearing too much makeup. it was also incredibly dumb. usually, even the popcorn foreign flicks manage to be less stupid than their american cousins. not this one. still, enjoyable! i like the relationship that develops between light and the god of death.