Friday, February 12, 2010

A smarter attack

By Pink.


Mr. Pony said...

Okay, but why does she have to pick up a football, the precise male equivalent of the shallow girly stuff she leaves behind? Girls might do better to ditch just wanting what boys have and shoot for a gender-neutral ideal of humanity. Hey, that might help boys, too. Or is that not how role models work?

odori said...

Yeah, I don't don't get the football thing.

I suspect she's saying girls should go outside, play sports, exercise and have fun. Develop a healthy sense of self. Any sport would do, I think.

Other parts of the video work better, including those mocking plastic surgery, diet obsessions, boob obsessions, the chick-slithering-on-a-wet car...

In a lighthearted way, it's demanding that women respect themselves more. And that men respect women more.

odori said...

To add one more thing - that's why I think this Pink video is so much more effective than the Charger ad spoof. Because half of the things that keep women down (rough estimate) can only be fixed my women getting smarter about themselves and their surroundings.

(Yes, you should eat and keep your food in your stomach. This might help you hold on to your brain cells. No, you don't need plastic surgery. etc. etc.)

Men could help with some of the other things though.