Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Art of Akira exibit

Those single cels are pretty slick.

via neatorama


Lungclops said...

Why, at 24 FPS, do the characters' faces still look about as frozen as in any cheap anime?

Galspanic said...

Because you are infected with Bluthitis.

Lungclops said...

Don't blame the victim.

Mr. Pony said...

You know, it's been a while since I've seen Akira, but I do remember some of those moments where the extra frames really show--Like when Tetsuo starts to really turn into a gloppy monster. While these scenes (shots, really) are very cool, I actually find them quite distracting. Counter to what you might think, the extra frames add up to a drop in the overall reality, at least in my mind. With a lower frame-rate, your brain fills in the details. It turns out your brain is a better animator than most animators, and if you're making up the stuff in between the frames, then you kind of automatically believe it. The high frame-rate means a low margin for error, too--although the super-detailed work in Akira is kind of perfect. Still, it busts the illusion pretty good.

I mean, I dunno. There's a trade off. It's fucking cool, but it takes you right out of it, especially when they revert back from awesome-vision to regular-vision (which I seem to remember Akira doing, 24 frames or not).