Thursday, December 10, 2009

yeah but more importantly

full episodes available here


kamapuaa said...

These are surprisingly well done. I'm stoked there's a new episode up! The one where they got Walter Koenig was actually really good.

FAKA! said...


Mr. Pony said...

Why, as I have asked in other forae, would they do the Enterprise, specifically? Many other ships in the fleet. Is the chemistry that perfect, or something? (I guess it is hard to top a comedy trio consisting of a minority, a racist, and a guy who thinks racism is funny.)

Just saying, I've always found the world far more interesting than the characters, and that's a fairly nerdy point of view, and these guys are more nerdy than me; ergo. Why not the U.S.S. Something or other?

Great way to close out Star Trek Week, Lungclops.

Lungclops said...

i'm the opposite; i find the world pretty boring, at least as it's been rendered in subsequent series. tng has some good points, but it's too sterile. there was a magic in the original that hasn't been duplicated. not sure if it's the cast, the underlit sets, the simpler stories, or the awesome music (which they use sort of indiscriminately in these phase ii episodes). all of these elements come together to give tos a unique mood. a creepy mood. when i was lil boy, star trek was a scary show. it was like twilight zone in space. space was a big spooky mystery. tos is romanticism: fear, violence, and horniness. tng et al. are enlightenment: diplomacy, science, and adult onesies. fuck jordy's visor.