Saturday, December 12, 2009

Seaweed fresh from a Honolulu canal

A Honolulu-style seaweed harvest?
This clip is one of the most incredible things I've seen on the local news. Unfortunately KHON failed to ask the ogo collector for comment and give him a chance to respond, but otherwise this is an amazing story.

(Also, a next-day follow-up.)


Mr. Pony said...

I wonder if I'd be able to taste the evil in the ogo. Combine this with the fact that practically everyone is using Carbon monoxide to make ahi look fresher than it is; and I wonder if poké is on the way out as a party snack.

FAKA! said...

Ewwww..... this just makes me cringe and adds to my gut instinct about every buying food from Maunakea Market... its still fun to walk thru and look at the pig heads on ice and witness piles of stinky fish swarming with flies but thats about it =/