Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Quantum entanglement: ghost imaging

Via Futurismic: "Ghost-imaging" is creating a picture of an object using light that never interacted with the object, but which is pared to light that did through quantum entanglement. This image here seems to have been taken with a camera aimed not at the toy solder, but at the light source shining light on the toy solder.

The next step will be the loadstone resonators from The Dark Materials trilogy. Oh, and THIS:
Dr. Deacon said he believes ghost-imaging may enable a satellite to be equipped with a detector that would be coupled with a second camera that would take images of the sun. That combination of technologies could generate ghost images of the Earth's surface, even if there are obstructing atmospheric conditions.


bekah said...

That is crazy.

Mr. Pony said...

This is an ansible, isn't it?

Also, that's not a "toy soldier", in the strict sense. Look close. no base. Lookit that big round head. That's Cobra Commander, probably.