Sunday, October 26, 2008

Human evolution

Hey! Check out this artist's vision of how our bodies could evolve to accomodate modern consumer choices. This woman has an extended shoulder for holding a phone.

The above link has more photos. A preview:

Other proposals include a ridge in the nose developed for wearing glasses, ears moulded to accommodate earphones, a thumb with an extra joint for sending SMS messages more efficiently and a foot adapted to create the same posture as wearing high heels.


Mr. Pony said...

Gross! Isn't this series, though; based on a misunderstanding about the way natural selection works? The mutation has to enable the organism to survive an environmental pressure long enough to reproduce--and I'm not sure the Noseslope qualifies. The flip side of this is an adaptation that causes the organism to have more or fewer offspring than competing members of the same species. Maybe that dude's giant hand qualifies... although I'm not sure in which direction.

odori said...

The noseclip is hot. I think a male noseclip mutant would get lots of dates.

Fugu said...

Yeah, this is kind of evolution by purposeful intent not natural selection. Before natural selection would come up with this stuff by random mutation we'd probably first evolve photosynthesis, or at the very least prehensile penises. I mean, really. Prehensile!!!

And in about 5-10 years we're all gonna be literally Plugged-In anyway, letting our vestigial, meat-sack bodies to rot on shiny glass tables whilst we blog and twitter our lives away 24/7.

Fugu said...

Unless we run out of oil first.

Fugu said...

Yeah, that nose clip is actually totally hawt.