Saturday, October 25, 2008


when a wasp is first spotted, about 100 worker bees hang out by the hive opening and keep it open, thereby luring the wasp inside. Once the wasp has entered, 500 bees, who were lying in wait, swarm the wasp and latch onto it in a bee ball as seen above. The bees then begin to buzz and flap their wings, raising the temperature inside the ball to 47 degrees celsius. The bees can tolerate the temperature just fine, but the wasp has already reached its fatal limit at 45 degrees. The bees literally cook the invader to death.

116.6 degrees fahrenheit, bitches!


Galspanic said...

Yeah I love this trick. Fuge do you remember my seventh grade science fair project by any chance? It was about the mating habits of snakes.

Mr. Pony said...

This is 500 kinds of awesome. Insect specialization gives me chills.