Wednesday, October 29, 2008


what do you guys think?
Babies make Galspanic tired.


odori said...

i haven't congratulated you yet on the boys. my apologies.

the lego organizer looks nifty.

Mr. Pony said...

Seems like it would work for a while, then start to clog pretty good once you got a certain amount of LEEGO in there.

I think we talked about this, but when I was small, I would spread all my LEEGO out on a sheet. This might be a reflection of my LEEGO style--I never knew what I was building until I was halfway done.

Galspanic said...

Thanks Odori! You are welcome to come visit the boys and develop crushes any time you feel!
Well, that's what happens to most people. They get a crush on one of them. I won't say who has more crushes at this juncture. For fear of repercussion.
I don't want these boys to become haters, like Daddy

Regarding the LEEGO; I too worry about the clog issue. That and the finite amount of LEGO the system could feasibly contain. There needs to be a better way!
I sometimes don't know what I made until someone tells me what it is.

odori said...

I look forward to meeting the boys and developing crushes! I will give you a call to see when would be good to meet them.