Saturday, October 25, 2008

Diarrhea Tracker

AHOY. This is not about INSECTOID MURDER and/or WORM JIZZ. All I seem to do is take pictures. This is an ok one.


I will run the NYC Marathon on November 2 -- you may also follow my (lack of) progress by using their intertube and entering my race number -- 20277. If I should seem to stay in one place for longer than 15 minutes, you can be sure I am diarrheaing the sidewalk.


Mr. Pony said...

I wonder, how much would it cost to outfit you with and internet-connected LOMO on your running helmet so that you can send us images of all the cute girls you are looking at whilst running the NYC Marathon?

For Science?

Richard Vomit said...

During the marathon, I will carry my Ricoh in my (first and only [I swear I only bought it for the marathon]) fanny pack.


This is not the first suggestion of a helmet cam...