Thursday, June 19, 2008

So the Spore Creature Creator is out. Yay.

The free creature editor itself is pretty nifty. You've got some rudimentary controls over body shape, a bunch of malleable appendages to apply, and some basic color schemes. I'm betting the $10 full version is tons of fun. One of my big worries was that everything would look too uniformly like muppets and that's still kind of the case, but there's the sporepedia showing some decent variability in design, so I'm hopeful.

Here's a few observations, though since it took them a trillion years to finally release the game I'm sure none of this would be realistic to change: 

1) Everyone gets a central spine--clearly, that sucks. At least one or two different options here like a segmental architecture, jellies, or something like Philip Pullman's mulefas would be great to play around with. (Ooo, it's like that sugar coating of science and evolution all over again! Though this time due to impracticability rather than purposeful misinformation ^_^)

2) Basic physiology is nonexistent. For example, people can't have wings. WE JUST CAN'T. Our chests would stick out a good foot or more to support the muscles needed to use them, man. Likewise, an arm at the end of a tail would just go floppity floppity all the time and be completely useless and eaten off a lot. It would be neat, though, if by putting an arm somewhere the necessary support structures would alter the look of the thing so that they could actually work. And the reason this might be worthwhile in Spore, would be to cut down on retarded looking creatures.

3) There's too many retarded looking creatures. Seriously--lack of creativity aside (which includes me), why, whenever there's the opportunity, do hundreds of people instantly feel the need to make a shitload of penises? I mean, after the first one, what's the point? Am I just getting old? It's not that I find them at all offensive, just boring. Although I have to admit this one here is pretty cute.

4) They look like muppets.

All in all it looks like a pretty great time waster so far, so yay, it's not the disappointment I was worried it would be. And it might get me to stop hearing these guys in my sleep at night, so double yay!


Galspanic said...

Oooh Murloc planetz.

AI-BU9 said...

oh splooge. freakin' finally. counting down the days to september 7th when the game gets released. *splooge*

Galspanic said...

BUUUUUUU friggin answer me you bastid!

AI-BU9 said...

dammit. i hope this isn't a glimpse of things to come. hopefully it's just a server problem of not anticipating the traffic. but i'm starting to get frustrated with the whole uploading/downloading from the spore site. plus the damn ea download manager is so touchy.