Monday, June 23, 2008

Mister Pony and I were...

discussing the discovery he made early this morning that one could order specific bricks via the Lego website. As in, one could specify a brick and order as many of that brick as needed.
That's some crazy stuff... when you think about it, which of course, I do.
I also think about things... Horrible things that need not be mentioned here.
We got on to discussing the uses of gratuitous surpluses of the same brick, and I brought up one of my heroes, Mr. Keith Goldman, lord and master of the House of Smack, an AFOL(Adult Fan of Lego) While I, in my self-centric universe believe that I have told and documented Mr. Goldman's work here before, It could be that I have only imagined this to be so. This was the claim of the Pone, and I realized I may have posted pictures but not credited them to the Mr. Goldman.
If this is the case, i duly apologize to the Master of the House of Smack and apologize to all the potential fans who may not have known who they were looking at if in fact I have posted this before. Damn, this is wordy.
So here's his site page
and above is my favorite piece to date by him, which I think will bring this post's circle to a close.


Mr. Pony said...

Oh my god I know their names.

Mr. Pony said...

Pretty great stuff, Goldman's work is there. Are those banana peels?

Galspanic said...

One day I was visiting the Northwestern medical Center for a follow-up after my jaw surgery and I strolled by the bio-hazard room where they throw all the tissue, used needles, pee pee receptacles, and other things. Mind you this was 1994 Chicago, where it was easier to stroll by such a thing than it is here and now.
I remember wondering if there were piles of amputated hands and stuff like that.
I hope there were. I really do.