Sunday, June 13, 2010

lee enfield sniper rifle (lego)

This has got to be the coolest working Lego gun ever made.

And while on the Lego topic I wanted to share a picture of a vehicle my 5 year old daughter made the other day while I was outside on my lanai working on a project / neglecting her. When I came in she was pushing her critters around in the vehicle while they were exploring planet "Yabba". It was great and packed with lots of dialog between the two explorers. She also made a rocket that she manage to seal a baby critter into as well... Its always good to see the Lego gene being passed on ;)


Galspanic said...

Dude, your daughter's vehicle is like, a jillion times better than that stupid fucking gun. I mean like, yay cool mechanism. Cool engineering and shit. yay. But come the fuck on. your daughter created a FUCKING PLANET and dialogue between anthropomorphic animals. This guy built a gun that shoots plastic bricks. He will probably end up being on the design team that builds a better car commercial, but by then your daughter will be like, a demi-god, or something. At least a president.

Ruby Tenneco said...

I was going to write the same thing as Galspanic, work for word.* I really like your daughters transport solution.

*except I was going to say "Cool engineering and shit yo"

FAKA! said...

Thanks for the kind words Panic and Ruby! I'll be sure to let her know that daddy is posting her Lego creations on the internet and getting positive feed back =)

I noticed that she made a newer vehicle while I was at work yesterday that can accommodate a few more critters. She added yarn into the mix to make it easier to pull them around planet Yabba. I think its time to pickup some Lego motors on eBay.

You can also see her baby critter still stuck in a capsule (it was a rocket yesterday)...

Ruby Tenneco said...

I love the yarn/lego combination.

Do you know Picocrickets?

The lego pirate raft I bought in Honolulu and gave to my friend's kid in Herne Hill the other day has the same ladder as your daughter's masterwork.

ps the suffocated bunny is kind of creepy.

FAKA! said...

Wow Ruby, I never heard of PicoCrickets, thanks for that... very cool.

My daughter is very lucky to have the Legos she has. I spent weeks on eBAY finding sellers that were selling their own collections instead of the generic "lot of 1000+" sellers. So she has a mixed container of police/space/construction/bionicle sets. She's never seen how the sets were meant to look so I'm always intrigued with how and what she chooses to build.

And yeah the trapped bunny is a bit creepy... I wish I had a critter skeleton to replace it with just to see her reaction LOL.