Monday, November 2, 2009

Tauren Halloween Costume

Speaking of Halloween, check out this sweet costume our old friend Earl made (Your old friend, my new friend). He was a Tauren last year, but this year he resolved to be like, a better, higher-level Tauren with badder-ass armor and gear. Here are some notes on how he made it:

I made the armor mainly with craft foam, sealed with mod podge and painted with black latex house paint and dry brushed with metallic silver acrylic paint .. the giant rivets are ping pong balls cut in ½ ... And the chest piece base is made from a rubber maid tote and a laundry basket … I plan on making a rough tutorial and posting it online with pics to help others interested making this kind of stuff… when I was researching all I could find was elf armor and Halo armor.


Galspanic said...

That dude is a full on Tauren. More than I could ever be. (I was always more of a troll.)

Heeero said...

It's just freakin beautiful! Totally beautiful!

Fugu said...

For our next FPS event, he needs to wear this.