Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sumo wrestling time

I was thinking about sumo, found these clips and wanted to share.

First, a video compilation of 53 straight victories recorded by Chiyonofuji, one of sumo's greatest all time wrestlers. (You can see him dispose of Hawaii-born Konishiki at 3'20" and 4'30". Unfortunately, Konishiki is already in his fat slob phase at the time of these bouts.)

Second, here are some young sumo wrestlers-in-training doing side splits. These men are flexible.


FAKA! said...

I went to school with Musashimaru aka Fiamalu... we had a few classes together. I remember him best handing out napkins in the cafeteria with the other football players at lunch. He was about an inch taller than me otherwise we were two of the biggest people in school. When I found out he went pro sumo I was shocked...

odori said...

I love Musashimaru! He sems like such a gentle giant. I like that he's coaching other wrestlers now, and that he hasn't disgraced himself by going into mixed-martial arts. (Unlike Akebono or Chad Rowan. I still can't believe Akebono did that.)