Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lego Howl's Moving Castle

Yeah so this 14 year old kid named Imagine made
Howl's Moving Castle out of Lego. It took him and his mom two weeks to build. It's pretty kick ass. He's part of a Hawaii based Lego users group called
LEAHI. I am part of this group. Imagine made this piece with a castle themed event in mind. This event took place this October at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. I had to sit next to this thing and suck with my weak-ass, no-skill-having, six-hour-build diorama. It was really neat. It's already been blogged on the usual Lego user group site, I just saw it in the blog Mr. Pony reffed for the husband-hunting bra thread! Great job, Imagine! You are officially blowing up!

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Mr. Pony said...

I saw that creation in person. It was completely, completely awesome.

Not that Galspanic's creation was anything to be ignored. His diorama of a LEGO art gallery was actually quite droll, and quite well-put-together; complete with the sly wit one would expect from a long-time art scene insider OMG the Howl's Moving Castle had an INSIDE with a FIRE that LIT THE HELL UP and stairs and that little switch that CHANGES THE OUTSIDE and DAMNED RAILINGS and HE PUT HIMSELF AND HIS MOM into it and the whole thing sat on these LITTLE TINY LEGS SO AWESOME AAAAAA