Monday, November 2, 2009



Mr. Pony said...

Oh, man, that Ithorian costume was great.

Galspanic said...

Agrees on the Ithorian costume.
That one Bith with the topknot made me want to scream in agony though.

Something super creepy about this. Other than the obvious, I mean.
I think it's the lonely street corner, as opposed to a crowded cantina.

You know, I think reading the package of the "Creature Cantina" my dad bought for me from the Sears Catalog maybe the first time I saw the word "cantina" It's really my frame of reference for what a cantina might be. Does that place even have a name, I wonder.

Mr. Pony said...

"Wow, what a weird place! I had to kill everyone I met!"

I had the one with the figures (including that tall blue Snaggletooth I keep sending you on Facebook) and the cardboard backdrop.

kamapuaa said...

This is one of the greatest Halloween related things I have ever seen.