Sunday, July 20, 2008


Yesterday I was talking to Fugu about how upon going to the midnite premiere of The Dark KNight, Mr. Pony and I were feeling like we were nowhere near the level of hardcore Caped Crusader fan we may have thought we were, and that was ok. It's like thinking you are a hardcore star wars fan, then meeting someone with a Boba Fett insignia tattooed on his shoulder. Well here's big respects to this pair and their CONvergence:Minneapolis/Twin Cities costume choice. I just wonder if she can pull off the voice.


Fugu said...

Hawt! Though she really should have gone for the pink pillbox look.

Mr. Pony said...

Being in the presence of a well-made costume is an awesome thing, because if you're on your toes, you use the opportunity to tell yourself, "It's not fictional. It's real. This is the world we live in."