Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cosmo sexy bachelor!! 2007!

Its THE BEST too see the Hawai'i Islands represented in Cosmopolitan Magazine's Hot Sexy Bachelor contest!! GO HAWAI'I ENTRANT!!

Ladies, he is dentist doctor who play FPS in the water. I'm notice that only 22 other states send an applicant, which makes me believe that Hawai'i have superior odds. Heres hoping our representative will FRAG the competitions!! Pow! Mens, you will notice his hygentists, which are beautiful also. Aloha!!

VOTE NOW!! Put Hawai'i on the maps!!


Galspanic said...

I got in about twelve seconds before I remembered something involving getting a boner in the shower and had to stop.

AI-BU9 said...

OMFG! i am so glad i did not have PE with youse guyz.

on a side note. why can't my technologists look like that? i gotta move back home. seriously.

Litcube said...

I love this post.