Wednesday, July 16, 2008

MTV ruins a generation

This is going to make me die a lot inside. MTV might be turning Invincible into a multimedia extravaganza:

The process starts with digital scans of the actual comic book pages. They are turned into an audio-visual experience through a process called Bomb-xx developed by Gain. In the end, the formerly two-dimensional comic book suddenly pulses with music, while word balloons pop up and fill in as actors recite the dialogue and panels zoom in and out and pivot in all directions.


Mr. Pony said...

OMG Don't get me started; too late. Okay, first off, the process is NOT called Bomb-xx. That's just what these jerks are calling it. I think that's an important distinction.

Second, check out the sample on the NYTimes site. Notice what happens when they make everything exactly as exciting as everything else. Invincible works because because the really crazy shit with hyper-strong dudes tearing each other's arms off is balanced by scenes of the lead character sitting at the kitchen table talking to his mom about stuff you would talk with your mom about. I'm not sure I want to be a part of the world where flying through the air carrying a guy with a bomb surgically implanted in his chest is exactly as exciting as going to the bathroom in your house.

Galspanic said...

Does the extravaganza involve "morphing?"

Ruby Tenneco said...

Sorry tried to read this post but was distracted by text-based lack of Bomb-xx