Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here, kitty kitty....

This painting by a young Japanese artist comes to us via Tokyo Damage Report. Maybe you've seen this Web site before? If not, it's basically this American guy's blog about Tokyo subcultures and whatever else. Check out some of his entries - you could get lost for hours.
Here's another piece I enjoyed called "The Chinese Landscape on Kaiju." (Another translation might be "Monsters in Chinese Landscape.")

The Tokyo Damage Report blogger took photos of both paintings at a huge Tokyo exhibition for up-and-coming artists in May. The links above have photos of many, many more pieces.
(I've been wanting to post this for a while but had to wait until Oceanic fixed my Internets. Go Oceanic! They came through. It's a miracle.)


Mr. Pony said...

Whoa. Hell of a blog. That guy will die with few regrets, probably.

Pretty sweet show, too. The kind of work that makes you at once think, and vomit. I particularly enjoyed "The Crab of Liberty".

Galspanic said...

Yeah blogs like this always make me feel like I'm not looking at the outside world enough. I'm not getting to experience all the kinky wonderment that my fellow humaans have to share with me. But Dammit! I got my own problems!

Galspanic said...

Thanks the Maker for teh internets.