Friday, September 23, 2011

"Moke Action"

Moke Action from ʻĀina Paikai on Vimeo.

I promised Mr. Pony several weeks ago that I would post this. Sorry for the delay.


FAKA! said...

Nice post odori!

That guitar player moke might seem moke-ish in like Kahala or Hawaii Kai but in Nanakuli walking the way he did with no shirt on aka "all big body li'dat kine" he would get lickens by a real moke easy. And the fact that he was drinking Heinekens makes one assume this was a moke of great wealth.

Personally I think they should have picked someone bigger, browner and more Polynesian looking. Also there was way too much dialog for a moke conflict. Part of being a moke is being silent and conveying your thoughts (or lack of thoughts) by facial and body expression with short minimal burst of words such as "wot!", "faka wot!", "wot u panty!", “wot u like die!”, “wot u faka!” and so on. Using this same type of philosophy allowed me to get away with buying all kinds of alcohol when I was in 10th grade at the same kinds of stores in the Nanakuli/ Waianae area.

Otherwise I thought the construction laborer guy seemed pretty spot on. Like when he got out of his car and scanned around him to see what’s going on. I’ve seen fights start in the same way just by looking. That would have triggered a “wot u looking at u faka!” easy from any nearby moke.

Mike said...

Great analysis, FAKA. And thanks, Odori. I'm always looking for something to show to Mainland friends what Hawaiian Pidgin sounds like, because even attempting the accent fills my heart with fear.

Ruby Tenneco said...