Monday, March 14, 2011

Ken Tanaka Loves You

I searched through our history and I don't think anybody posted anything about Ken yet. If you have, I apologize in advance. I rediscovered Ken when I went searching for a vintage KHON2 end credits shaka montage in response to one of the previous comments on the KGMB theme. BTW - I couldn't find a video of the shaka montage.

The premise is that Ken was a caucasian raised by Japanese parents and is now in search of his birth parents in the US. This series has been on the net for at least 2 years now. I find the videos charming and sweet.

This is the first video where Ken explains his mission.

Here is a video of Ken in Hawaii learning pidgin.

This is Ken's 2009 YouTube award winning video about dreaming about being a robot.

Here is video of Ken's "How to speak fluent Japanese by speaking English" describing Weiner Morning.

He has a blog on blogspot and his own channel on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy them as I do. Ken Tanaka and Ai-BU9 love you.

(Yes, he's an actor - David Ury -and had been on Japanese TV as the "crazy Japanese speaking gaijin", but I still find the stuff charming. Here's a video he posted as himself with his performance reels.)


Mr. Pony said...

My recollection is that Odori posted something about him, but it may have been in the comments section, because I can't find a post about him. I love the premise. It's disorienting and disarming.

Mr. Pony said...

haha disorienting

Galspanic said...

I didn't realize it was a put-on. I am pretty bummed out about that because the whole stranger in familiar clothing angle was interesting and charming. I don't really feel compelled to watch them now.

odori said...

Yes, I remember this guy.