Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Properly Credit an Image in a Blog Post

It's something we hardly ever do. I usually just post a screenshot from the site I'm linking to. Other times, we upload other images, or even credit them with links. On very good days we make our own images (which is awesome). Odori doesn't use images in her posts for legal reasons, because she's Lawful Good. I've never asked anyone for permission to use an image. It's never really bothered me that we don't properly attribute images used here, because this blong is a communication tool used among friends.

HERE, THOUGH; is a flowchart showing how to properly credit images in blong posts. Just for the sake of your knowledge, awareness and enrichment. (TL;DR: Ask & get permission.) I'm not saying we should start doing this; I'm just presenting the information. BECAUSE OUR TRAFFIC IS HIGHER THAN IT'S EVER BEEN, GUYS

Analytics image via Google Analytics, who gave no express permission for the image's use in this post. Main image by me. You're welcome, universe. Link via @janetalkstech


Mr. Pony said...

Fugu asked if I posted this because of his use of XKCD images. Answer was no. In addition, Randall Monroe is totally okay with occasional reprinting of XKCD comics as long as there is accompanying attribution. That is some 21st century thinking right there.

Come to think of it, I might be the only one on this whole blong using images incorrectly.

odori said...

I would click a like button for this if we had one. (Oh god. Is my online experience now so completely shaped by Facebook that I'm only able to express my online opinions in ways defined by Facebook?? This is a problem.)

Attribution is good. It's respectful and recognizes the person who created work that's worthy of posting or reposting.