Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Also, here is some news about J.J. Abrams maybe possibly producing a Micronauts movie (presumably based on the Marvel comic, and not the toy line), which I find both awesome and ridiculous, for some reason. I was a big fan of the comic, and the series took so many weird twists and turns away from the main story (the rebellion against Baron Karza (I think)) that I have a hard time seeing it as a coherent movie story. Also, I could never really get a grip on Commander Rann's character. What was his deal? He used his parent's names as a swear word, and got woozy with the Enigma Force a lot.

Here is a picture I drew of Commander Rann and Marionette. They are yelling. As usual, Rann is yelling "Dallan and Sepsis!" Princess Mari is probably yelling "By the Body Banks" or something.

P.S. I do not hate the Micronauts.

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Galspanic said...

That is a funny picture you drew. Not nearly enough Biotron or Acroyear for my tastes, but funny nevertheless. I think the whole Dallan and Sepsis oath was something the rebellion would say. I don't think Arcturus really invokes his folks names. If I remember correctly, Rann goes on a time bending tour of the Microverse, and while he's gone, his parents become semi mythical martyrs of rebellion against the usurper Regent Prince Shaitan and his Darth Vader; Baron Karza.

Why am I not wiki checking this?

Galspanic said...

also, 'tik'

Heeero said...

Guess I've been grown up too long. I see "sepsis" and I immediately think "CCU/Antibiotics/IV fluid very very quickly"