Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scott Pilgrim Video Game

Music by Ananmanaguchi. Art by Paul Robertson. Pretty neat looking! And a pretty straightforward Double Dragon Clone (with 4-player co-op, hopefully on one console). But then there was this,

which challenges me to forget everything I know about save points, co-op, power ups, and video games (among other things); which is odd, because both trailers actually reinforce everything I know about that stuff. Intriguing!


Litcube said...

0:47, bottom video. What the holy hell is coming out of his arm? Celery, a smily tomato, an eyeball, and a distended anus?

Mr. Pony said...

That's all vegetables. I think that might be because he's a vegan. That thing you think is a distended anus might be a bell pepper. Vegans have powers.

Galspanic said...

I wish I had vegan powers.
I will totally play the fuck out of this game. I will totally help you out in co-op mode, Pone. I will totally play Knives Chau. I will BE Knives Chau.

I agree that second video throws a wrench in the gears with the "forget what you know..." baloney. I don't want to forget! This looks fine as it is!