Saturday, July 10, 2010

Childhood cartoons

I promised Galspanic, Fugu and Pony a long time ago that I'd post a clip of Sally-chan, a cartoon I watched in kindergarten. Sally's family was from space somewhere and she had magical powers, but she lived on Earth and went to school among regular human girls and boys. She would travel back and forth to her parents, who lived in space, on her broom. It was great! I think all the girls in my kindergarten watched this! I don't think the boys got into it too much though. Probably because it probably didn't have any explosions or transformer robots.


Galspanic said...

Thanks Odori! The theme music alone is otherworldly. I'm going to try to watch the rest during the boys nap time!

Mr. Pony said...

Gosh. Odori, when you were growing up in Japan, did you feel like a strange light-haired outsider with parents from another world?

odori said...

You know, I never thought it was weird that most of the main characters looked European until I went back and watched clips as an adult.

That's probably because so many Japanese anime also featured white characters. (Candy Candy was another one popular with girls at the time.)

But Mr. Pony, you raise an interesting question that I never really thought of before. Maybe I related to Sally-chan on a deeper level than my kindergarten brain realized!! I too felt like an alien little girl who visited her alien parents! (At the time, Japan identified foreign residents as "aliens" and required us to obtain "alien registration" cards to stay in the country. I think the Japanese government still uses these terms actually.)