Friday, July 2, 2010

My Four Favorite Robots:(sigh) Galspanic

I sigh because I feel like there were too many potential favorites. I'm a robot lovin' pigeon! I decided to keep personal creations out of this. Mainly because I'm not quite sure on Homeless Robot's personality, and personality was a big factor in my other decisions.

I almost went with Hakkaider as my lead off robot, but went with 1. 4-LOM first.

Immediately follows 4-LOM because the personality thing I was talking about. I like these two robots because they aren't clearly evil. They might have bills to pay, or want to take their girlfriends out to a nice restaurant one of these days. they were in it for the money. Or the thrill of the hunt, or because they are good at what they do. It is unclear, and the lack of clarity excited me as a youth. Good robots were supposed to be the ones with personality, and the bad guys were supposed to be emotionless calculating engines of destruction.
If you were a soulless death automaton, would you risk everything on ten thousand Imperial creds? Hell no. You wouldn't be out for money. money is pointless to a "death to humans" type.(well maybe not pointless. I'm sure the "death to humans" types need to buy their death rays and stuff, but I can't imagine a "death to humans" type robot hanging out in a blaster store, trying to figure what gun will be their new "Ol' Blasty") These robots were gamblers. Risk takers. You know they were just dodging next month's installments on their spaceships. They make the universe a little greyer. Plus they look just nasty. Nasty robots are rad. Screw shiny and pristine. You got bolts and wires sticking out all over the place 'cause you are that awesome.

3.Braniac for the flip side of the coin. He is an evil and somewhat soulless engine of destruction. But he's clever, and something of a magpie. I like his tactical thinking. I can relate to his collector mentality. Plus his metallized DC superpowers Toy was bad ass and stuck with me all these years until the animated superman verison of Braniac came out. I still have the old toy's head somewhere.

(introduced to me as Serv-bot in Mega man Legends) I love this guy because he thinks he is good and doing the right thing, despite the fact that he serves bad people. He is charming and nervous, and tries his best. he also has 30 sibling units. They ride in a giant air craft and go on missions. Sometimes they have to figure out what to serve each other for lunch. And that is rad.

I had so many runner-ups. SO many.

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Mr. Pony said...

Great point about the bounty hunting droids (and great drawings thereof). And brill. observ. about the servbots having no concept of working for the bad guys. I mean, they don't care--they just want to do a good job (at least in the Tron Bonne game I played). When we think about a robot's programming, our thoughts turn to scope... The robot's... And our own...