Thursday, May 27, 2010

what i eat the most - sokeripupu

at least until i lose my job, i plan to eat this every day!

i don't have a picture of the other thing, and also i'm not really sure what it is.


Mr. Pony said...

What is that? Is that a bánh mi? Also, I see you have that gene that lets you enjoy cilantro.

sokeripupu said...

yep, it's a banh mi. i've been on a bit of a quest for tofu banh mi since the lady i usually get it from disappeared last fall (she moved to nyc). the last couple of weeks has been pretty intense, with a bunch of false leads. then.... she came back!

i've made some myself but it's never as good.

Ruby Tenneco said...

The other thing is tin foil, you shouldn't eat it but at least do it in moderation.

Ruby Tenneco said...

I wish they had those sandwiches near my work, though.