Saturday, May 1, 2010

Apple, Google, & the future of the internets

I thought this might be an interesting summary of a few things floating around the internet of late. I know we have both Apple fanboys and Windows jocks alike on this blong. We've been surprisingly respectful on issues of technology so far, so lets see how long we can last before we all take a collective dump on civility and TEAR THIS PLACE APART! Actually, I'm just curious if you guys think Apple and/or Google are heading in the right direction. BEGIN!

Charlie Stross: The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash.
I don't get the title. The piece seems less about Flash than it is an excellent forecast on the future collapse and rebirth of the computer industry...
Apple are trying desperately to force the growth of a new ecosystem — one that rivals the 26-year-old Macintosh environment — to maturity in five years flat. That's the time scale in which they expect the cloud computing revolution to flatten the existing PC industry. Unless they can turn themselves into an entirely different kind of corporation by 2015 Apple is doomed to the same irrelevance as the rest of the PC industry — interchangable suppliers of commodity equipment assembled on a shoestring budget with negligable profit.

Christina Warren: Apple versus Flash versus HTML5
A solid analysis of why Flash will be a non-entity in the future, and why it has little to do with Apple. With a cool graph, here. In fact, Windows seems to agree. (bummer for vector-based animators, of course)

It is also worth noting where Windows seems to stand on this front: Here, and here.

Lastly, Jon Stewart: On Apple's response to the stolen iPhone prototype. Granted, who knows if Apple forced the police to burn Gizmodo's headquarters to the ground, Either way, Mr. Stewart sums it up perfectly with "Appholes".
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Galspanic said...

Can I vote for a third party?

Fugu said...

Go ahead, throw your vote away.

"We must go forward, not backward. Upward, not forward. And always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom." —Bob Dole

Fugu said...

Google's latest: Google TV. Famous last words and all, but this just doesn't seem useful to me.

Mr. Pony said...

Love the piece by Charlie Stross. It was surprisingly plausible. PCs are here to stay, but the one everyone has is probably just fine for what they need to do. Haven't needed a new desktop in years and years.

I also think that maybe the App store kind of proves that it's not openness that drives innovation--it's money. I mean, duh.

Flash isn't open either, not really. I think the real bummer about Flash is that there's virtually only one application you can use to make Flash content with--Flash. That's not really a platform, no matter how widely it's adopted.

This whole things sucks for me, though, because I work in vector-based animation, which Flash was designed for. I don't care who plays movies better, Flash or HTML5, I just want to make infinitely scalable cartoons with reusable part models.

Here's another thing. Standardization seems to be the natural trend of technology, with format and complexity contracting as formats stabilze and settle and die off. Easy example: Video on the web, seven years ago--so many different plug-ins and formats... And now it's nearly all Flash. But what if it's cyclical, and we're due for another Pre-Cambrian-type explosion of tech diversity? Shouldn't de-standardization happen once in a while? Especially since we're really starting to use the Internet for so many new and different things?