Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cross-cultural comparisons


odori said...

I wonder what Canadian navy recruitment ads are like.

Ruby Tenneco said...

That is amazing. I think the Canadian ones are like this.

Litcube said...

Yup. See this on TV from time to time. There's another one too with an at-sea rescue of a family from a sinking boat.

I'm curious where Japan is going; long term, I mean. Where will this cultural stance take its country?

FAKA! said...

In one way they are both similar... they are marketing to kids =/

odori said...

I struggled to understand the seaman ship ad when it came out several years ago. I still struggle..

Some people would say the ad is a result of Japan being "emasculated" when the U.S. imposed a no-war, peace constitution the country after World War II.

Japan has military forces today, but the constitution severely limits the way Japan can use them.

(For example, the constitution won't allow the government to buy mid-air refueling aircraft because its jets are only supposed to exist for self-defense. The fighter jets are never supposed to need to leave Japanese airspace.)

The bottom line is, Japan is still almost entirely dependent on the U.S. for its defense 65 years after the war.

I'd say this has contributed to Japan's rather tentative, and perhaps even wimpy, foreign policy. (Its primary objective: be a good friend to the U.S., no matter what!)

But I don't think it explains the seaman ship ad, even though I'm sometimes tempted to think it may.

For what it's worth, I've heard several senior U.S. navy commanders praise the Japanese navy for being very professional and on the ball.

Heeero said...

Maybe their SDF's have a lot of "special" units similar to the likes of GSG-9 and such? I would hope so considering some of the issues in the eastern pacific region (ie psychotic robotic replicant pyongyang traffic officers).

Mr. Pony said...

I would very much like to watch both television shows implied by the commercials with the wrong audio tracks.