Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time lapse of cross country drive

As someone who has never driven across the contiguous 48, I found this pretty fun to watch.


Galspanic said...

It's really much much cooler than this video in my opinion. The video is cool, but doing it is much better. Although in cold weather? in a convertible? Wow.
I really enjoyed the two times I've done it. The trick in my mind is to spend as much time as possible out of cities.

Was it me, or did the repair part of the video seem a bit staged?

When the dude picked up the other dude my mind did a silent "whew", as I can't imagine soloing that trip.

Mr. Pony said...

I soloed one and a half times. The full solo was great; I got to know myself pretty well, then learned to turn parts of my brain off so I wouldn't have to listen to myself anymore--a useful skill to this day.

The half-solo a year earlier was probably one of the more dangerous things I've done--I drove from Boulder, CO to Providence, RI in just under 36 hours, with almost no sleep. The beginning of the second day felt a lot like this video, actually. At some point I started seeing all the huge trucks were whales. When I started to believe they were Star Destroyers, I pulled over and crashed for a few hours.

I'll let Odori tell the tales of our trip together.

Galspanic said...

Interesting. I too felt the vehicles near me to be not unlike large herds of beasts. Especially when they'd convoy up and crowd smaller cars out of the way. True story. Scary stuff.