Monday, January 26, 2009


Hey, new album from Friend of Pieces of Things, Tettix: Rites.
I'm hoping this album will be a bit of a surprise to most of you, it's unlike anything I've done before. The entire album is a remodeling of Igor Stravinsky's "The Rite of Spring" - a ballet that caused riots at its 1913 debut because of a brazen use of dissonance and polyrythms. It was a symphony that changed the very definition of music and I hope I've done it at least some justice. If you're unfamiliar with the original, I highly recommend you check it out (there's full videos on Youtube of the symphony).

Check it out! Even though it looks like there may be some culture involved! Yikes!


Galspanic said...

Listening to it as I type. pretty bombastic. reminds me of something but I'm not quite sure what. There's a few bits that almost sound like Johnny Quest?

odori said...

I haven't gotten a chance to listen to much of it yet, but so far am impressed with POT Friend.

Mr. Pony said...

You know, I was listening to it this morning. I have to check, but I think parts of it started to hurt me when I wasn't paying attention.

Mr. Pony said...

In a good way, I should say; nearly a darn year later.