Monday, January 12, 2009

Collaborative Post Test #1

Based on Ruby's plan for a collaborative post--this is a Flickr badge, made with Flickr's own interface (also available from the "Tools" link in the footer on every Flickr page), and the Pieces of Things Flickr Account I made a while back. I was having trouble getting the keywords part of it to work, but the mechanism seems to be there, so maybe I'm missing something or misspelling something.

I'll send out the Flickr account password again, in case anyone wants to mess with it, or add anything.


Ruby Tenneco said...

Nice! I've also just widened the blog and made the comments less poppy-uppy! Good night Hawa'i'i!

Mr. Pony said...

Thanks, Ruby! How is the wider blog working on everyone's screens? It seemed a little sluggish at first--I reduced the number of posts on the front page from 10 to 7, and that seemed to speed things up a bit.

One thing about this new non-popup comment style--those of us who use multiple Google accounts to protect our civilian identities get a little stuck here--for some reason this mode doesn't let you switch accounts on the fly, and we have to log out of Google entirely and log back in to comment under the proper name. I'm going to change it back for now, but let me know why you wanted to switch it--maybe there's another workaround we can figure out.

Galspanic said...

The badge cannot be accepted in HTML form. Gonna try the flash

Galspanic said...

Yeah, the flash doesnt work either.

Fugublowfish said...

So what's this about--does this mean that the images for this post aren't static, and you can add to them? If so, can you write out the steps?

In crayon?

Mr. Pony said...

Sort of. You can add images to the Pieces of Things Flickr Account (let me know if you didn't get the login info, and I'll send it), and they'll appear in this "badge".

Okay, that's not so useful, but you can also log into our (or any) Flickr account, and create a badge that shows images with certain tags. Post your widget, along with the tag, and then any image on Flickr with that tag will appear in the badge. This way, those of us with Flickr accounts can use our pre-existing images easily.

It should be noted that I wasn't able to get the keyword/tag thing to work with images that had been recently tagged--I don't know if Flickr has some kind of cache lag, but that would explain it. Anyway, I think someone with more Flickr thkillz than me should give it a shot. Or heck, just try it.