Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The "call me" motion

Thank you, Star-Bulletin:

Writing a live inauguration blog for the New York Times yesterday, reporter Katharine Q. Seelye had an interesting interpretation of Obama's shaka to the Punahou School Marching Band as it passed the reviewing stand.

Her 5:02 p.m. entry reads: "Next up, the band from the Punahou High School in Hawaii - Mr. Obama's alma mater. Mr. Obama is making a signal to someone as if to call him on his cell phone. He's flashing a thumbs up, laughing and grinning broadly."

Seelye clarified Obama's "signal" with her 5:15 p.m. entry: "President Obama's hand signal to his old high school band, which looked like a 'call me' motion, was a shaka sign - a pinky and thumb salute - symbolic of aloha and local culture in Hawaii."

Btw, the same article mentions a Punahou graduate from the Class of '91!


Mr. Pony said...

I wonder if it was a great big Danny Kaleikini Aloooooooooooo-ha, or just a regular one. Also, why is it that when you say 'aloha' to a crowd, they automatically say it back?

Galspanic said...

It may have been a Jim Neighbors "aloha". As I recall that "aloha" was epic as well.