Monday, December 22, 2008

Stories about Spam fill a slow news day

Barack Obama Snacks on Hawaiian Spam Sushi

President-elect Barack Obama is spending the Christmas holiday Hawaii – relaxing in the sun, playing golf and eating Spam.

On Sunday afternoon, while playing golf with friends at Oahu's Olomana Golf Links, Obama, 47, who grew up on the island, stopped at a snack bar and bought two hot dogs, soft drinks and two orders of a local luncheon specialty called spam musubi – Spam
and a fried egg on a bed of rice, held together with a strip of dried seaweed, according to reporters covering his trip.

The snack bar clerk later told the
New York Times' Jeff Zeleny the president-elect's tab came to $17.75. Asked how his game was going, Obama answered with a smile, "I'm not that good." He also invited reporters to order a beer and put it on his tab, but none took him up on the offer.


Barack Obama Snacks on Hawaiian Spam Sushi| Barack Obama
I agree that the sad state of journalism reflected by this article is an issue of concern, especially since it appears even the New York Times is interviewing the snack bar clerk. But even more importantly... can anyone here confirm that the Olomana Golf Course snack bar actually incorporates a fried egg into their spam musubi? Cuz that sounds ridiculous-- or maybe ridiculously good.


odori said...

hi helpwillcome!

i passed by olomana golf course today en route to buy some plants for my mom in waimanalo. (i love waimanalo.) next time i do something similar i will investigate the snack bar menu!

the reporter might just be confused...

as for sad state of journalism, i feel some sympathy as obama stalking duty is probably one of the least rewarding reporting jobs out there. you basically have to follow the man around for 18 hours a day in a big media bus and hope he'll say something interesting to you or some bystander. or do something interesting like eat spam. you have no chance of actually interviewing him. and much of the time you can't even get a good look at what he's doing. but i will not apologize for any reporter's reporting or behavior! reporters do stupid things all the time.

Galspanic said...

Mrs. 'Panic is so glad that this got sccoped so that she didn't have to post it on POT.

Mr. Pony said...

There must be people that cringe and bristle when they call spam musubi "sushi".

Mr. Pony said...

Still thinking about this. Wondering if it's possible/desirable to keep the yolk intact under the Spam. If this is fresh, that would be the way to go.

Thinking that an over-easy or yolk-broke scramble might make more sense for a Spam musubi, where one of the primary goals is medium-term storage. Still, all that egg would have to give up its moisture in a gas station hot-box.

Not sure if I'm allowed to feed the lads Spam yet, but I will try this and let you all know.