Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Doctors who terrorize

Fugu has witnessed these horror shows firsthand. To be fair, I have met very nice surgeons. But others are from hell.

Every nurse has a story about obnoxious doctors. A few say they have ducked scalpels thrown across the operating room by angry surgeons. More frequently, though, they are belittled, insulted or yelled at — often in front of patients and other staff members — and made to feel like the bottom of the food chain. A third of the nurses in Dr. Rosenstein’s study were aware of a nurse who had left a hospital because of a disruptive physician....

A survey of health care workers at 102 nonprofit hospitals from 2004 to2007 blames "badly behaved doctors for low morale, stress and high
turnover. ... Recent studies suggest that such behavior contributes to medical mistakes, preventable complications and even death."


Mr. Pony said...

I wonder if Fugu will grow up to be like one of these guys.

Fugu said...

I've witnessed pretty much exactly the same thing as that first story. I think the important point here, is RESIDENT. Those fuckers are generally pricks. In surgery anyway. To be completely honest the attendings here are brilliant. Super helpful, on the ball, and in a vast majority of cases they had an excellent rapport with the nurses.

The residents on the other hand... What a bunch of fuckers! It was always about them and how horrible their lives were (which was true enough, poor fools), but then they'd expound endlessly about they know so much more than the nurses who've been there for years before they were shittin diapers. Ultimately, they take it out on the hospital staff, students, and patients. It was a dismal sight.

There was this super nice old lady with a small bowel obstruction (PAINFUL), who was waking up the whole floor whilst screaming in pain. The nurses were understandably concerned and frustrated, but the resident wouldn't give her any pain meds of course because it might block symptoms of worsening pain and worsening obstruction (bad), but:

A) She had 10/10 pain and was fucking screaming like she'd swallowed a banshee, and waking up all the other patients. How much worse could the pain get and how the hell would anyone know?

B) She'd come in a number of times for the same thing and been given pain meds each time by more experienced professionals.

C) You can give a little narcotics just to take the edge off, which was exactly what the attending did when he came in the next morning. After biting off the resident's head of course, which was fun to watch, until the resident vindictively kicked the students around for the rest of the day, which was not.

Fugu said...

There was this surgeon here who left surgery for psychiatry, because surgery wasn't invasive enough.

*Cracks knuckles*


odori said...

scary stories.

btw, who left surgery for psychiatry? is that you fugu??