Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hawaii has rednecks!

This story made my day.

HILO, Hawaii (AP) — A Hilo Chevrolet dealer who tried to crush his Asian auto competition found the stunt a little harder to pull off than expected.

Island Chevrolet general sales manager James Severtson arranged for a Chevrolet Suburban SUV outfitted with massive tires costing $5,000 apiece to drive over a Honda Accord.

On the first attempt Friday, the monster truck blew a hydraulic hose and leaked vital fluid while the Honda remained intact and ready for more.

After several hours, the truck was repaired and driver Ryan Kepiki tried again, this time with a Hyundai Excel sedan parked next to the Honda.

Kepiki drove over the cars' hoods, destroying the windshields to the seeming delight of the rush-hour crowd.

Severtson said the dealership had been planning the crush-fest for a while. But he said it was a happy coincidence President Bush approved a bailout for U.S. automakers as the weekend arrived.

"We'd like to send the message that the best way to support your country is to buy an American vehicle today," Severtson said.

Go to the local paper Web site for more detail and PHOTOS.


Mr. Pony said...

I think when you're home alone finishing off a Coors Light Party Ball, and you have an idea, you should write it down and let it sit for a while. Later, you should show it to someone you trust and ask them what they honestly think of your idea.

Incidentally, the '86 Honda Accord I drove in high school finally expired in 2002. About 9 years before I had sold it to my then future father-in-law, who drove it up in Maine. It had survived a wreck, a trip across the country, and a lifetime of half-assed maintenance. Go, Honda!

Also: I wonder how these "Buy American Cars" folks feel about affirmative action.

odori said...

The Accord whoops Chevy's ass.

I don't get why Detroit automakers have such a hard time grasping this. We don't want to buy your cars because they break, devour gas, and have little resale value!