Saturday, November 22, 2008

LCB Freighter Gesha

LCB Freighter Gesha
Originally uploaded by Jerrec

Posted mainly for Fugu and for his love of industrialized spacecraft. Jerrec built the green one with an ingenious use of this piece. The other colors are variants made with my favorite image making program, Photoshop.


Litcube said...


I would like to know how and why these were created. Also, by who. And why you are interested in them.

I think they are awesome.

Can someone please answer my questions?

Thanks so much!

By for now!

Galspanic said...

I thought I put all the information up above.
Or are you having a piss at my expense?
Dude, Fugu, Mr. Pony (and I think secretly Odori), and I all love LEGO and spacecraft. I thought we made this pretty obvious.
If you're truly interested in the LEGO spacecraft, there are many many sites I can direct you to.
As to why they were created..I think you'd have to ask this dude.

Litcube said...

I knew you guys were all into Lego. I just didn't know that the space ships were made of Lego. No one told me and there was no literature to support this is any of the links posted above. In fact, one dude mentions photoshop. As if he photoshoped them (into existence).

So I was being serious. I felt left out. I like the green one.

Galspanic said...

We'd never leave you out LC! Dude, Lego is all about about the spaceship!
The dude colored the ships that arent green with the photoshop. The green ship is the original color the piece.

Litcube said...

:)...... .....

Fugu said...