Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Attention Paultard:

At Rebuild the Party, users can submit (and vote for) ideas for revitalizing the Republican Party. The top ideas aren't all insane--but the real reason I'm posting this link is so you can check out the new suggestions, which fill me with joy. See them all here and bathe in the spectrum of intriguing to conflicted to evil to deeply retarded.


odori said...

"Let lobotomized monkey designate the VP candidate (again)."


Seriously, for the sake of democracy, I hope this site helps the Republican Party get its act together. But I fear only the net-savvy will see this. And they might be in for a shock when they try to press their ideas on the rest of the party, namely those who believe Obama is a terrorist-socialist-communist-Muslim-anti-Christ.

Fugu said...

Not only that, he's a terrorist-socialist-communist-Muslim-anti-Christ who uses a mac!

Plus he reads Harry Potter, comics, and drives a hybrid. ^_^